Arnold Street

Asbestos Flooring Removal

BZ Corners

Columbia River-Hanson Creek Erosion Control


Fire Dipping ponds

Metaline Falls Border Station

Repair and Repaint Various Bldg

Repair Primary Electrical Distribution System

Replace Chicago Street

Re-Roof Various Buildings

Seal Asphalt on Cold Creek Road

Stream Channel Crossing

Vagabond Airfield

Veterans Memorial

Past Projects

One of the best ways to analyze a General Contractor is to evaluate their past performance. At DL T Con-struction LLC, were proud to mention just a few organizations that have trusted us for their construction needs, such as Corp of Engineers, Fairchild Air Force Base, and Yakima Training Center.

Often we are selected from a long list of competitive bidders because of our expertise and for our exceptional reputation. In the five years working for the 92nd Contracting Squadron DL T has never been at the contracting conference room in a negative or adversarial situation. In addition we are honored to have received the SBA contractor of the year award for Region 10. We greatly appreciate Fair-child Air Force base for nominating us for this award. It gave us a boost in our already award winning attitude towards costumer service. We feel our background in construction and our hands on involvement with all projects are key factors for the success of any project and are instrumental in building relationships with the owners, engineers, suppliers and subcontractors.